Feel your're tired of commercial gym environment and want to get fully coached sessions without spending any extra money on private sessions

Are you struggling to enjoy the gym? Tried lots of group classes but feel they lack support and attention to form? Want to take your performance to the next level, but not quite sure how? You're not alone. At your FREE ‘Train, Look & Feel Like An Athlete’ Session you will discover...

  • Get involved in one of your coached sessions which can be either Metabolic-Conditioning or Strength and Conditioning.
  • How training in a group setting will kick start your progression and boost your enjoyment in the gym once again!
  • Attentive coaching from our staff will vastly improve all aspects of your fitness whilst educating and keeping your injury free.

Here is what some of our members are saying about their new love for fitness...

image Jemma Potts Fitness Enthusiast

icon I'm truly the strongest and fittest I have ever been! I enjoy training again.

image Adam Hope American Football

icon Absolutely awesome place to train! Since joining I have taken my back squat from 160kg to 190kg in 2 months.

image Glyn hanks Police Officer

icon The level of coaching at MSC Performance is only something professional athletes would have got in the past. I can now squat, deadlift and perform movements needed for my job correctly without pain.