Have you ever wanted to give Pilates a go BUT maybe had these thoughts floating around your head…

1. Will I be the oldest in the class? 2. Will the others all be superfit? 3. What if I can’t keep up? 4. What If I can’t do half the moves? 5. What happens if I do a fluff? 6. I’m really scared about going on my own no one will talk to me. 7. I’ll be the only new person there. COME ALONG FOR A FREE "GIVE IT A GO" PILATES TASTER CLASS...... You'll soon learn....

  • that these are completely normal thoughts to have and you are not alone!
  • It doesn't matter what age / size / gender you are - we can adapt and modify exercises to suit YOUR body. We know that one size does not fit all and we'll help you to get the most out of your class!
  • You'll be fully supported and looked after throughout the class and it is OKAY to have a rest, and watch and do what feels right for YOU, without fearing judgment in face WE ENCOURAGE IT!


Read what clients say....

image Jo Adams Newton Abbot

icon I've been to classes before where they're over-subscribed and you get no individual attention so I was expecting my free session at Elite Pilates to be the same, however I was very wrong! Paul was brilliant and informative and really helped me and looked after me, without making me feel embarrassed. I also learnt why I was doing the exercises and it's benefits. They have a great sense of humour and I felt very welcome and at ease! The cake at the end was an added bonus!

image Jo Ingram Teignmouth

icon I suffer with pain and was apprehensive to arrive as I thought everyone would be super fit, drop dead gorgeous! I was totally wrong, I was made very welcome and didn’t feel at all out of place and had plenty of help. The best thing on the day after the Pilates and driving home, punched the air and said to myself 'yes'! I have found a way!!