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There’s no hard sell during your session, just professional advice from an experienced physiotherapist and a recommended plan of action to get you moving and feeling better.

Here is what others are saying

image Katie Barber Writer

icon I've been struggling with pelvic girdle pain and have even resorted crutches to help me get around at night. The NHS were not much help and all they offered me was a course to learn how to move less painfully. After some relaxing, hands on treatment I am feeling much better and more mobile! Apparently my condition can and will improve, it isn't inevitably going to get worse as I was told.

image Kelly-Louise Professional Trainer

icon After a car crash 2 years ago, I'd seen numerous physios and specialists etc who helped temporarily but the problem never totally went. I'm a professional dancer and athlete and I couldn't train due to my neck and back pain. As you can imagine it was so upsetting and frustrating! I was recommended by a friend with similar problems to go to Sheffield Physiotherapy after I got my MRI results I was diagnosed with 2 slipped in my neck and one in my lower back! I started treatment straight away and after only 5 sessions (weekly) my neck was fixed!!! I forgot what it felt like to not be in pain!!!