Frustrated at not getting to an exercise class because of needing a babysitter?

Desperate to get back into pre-pregnancy clothes? Terrified of exercising and doing the wrong things? Embarrassed and ashamed by poor bladder control and don’t know how to fix it? Frightened the Diastasis Recti may never go away? You are DEFINITELY not alone! At your FREE 'Post Natal Pilates’ Taster Session you will discover...

  • Whether you have Diastasis Recti and to what extent & which exercises are safe for you to do as a result
  • Pelvic floor exercises to regain strength and control & varied exercises to strengthen and tone your whole body
  • A group of fun, friendly, like minded and (quite frankly) kickass women who can't wait to welcome you into the tribe!


Here is what some of my clients are saying about how I've helped them feel healthy, strong and confident...

Jess Lloyd Elm Grove

icon The breathing techniques and core and pelvic floor control exercises we did in the taster session start to have an immediate effect. You just start to hold yourself more upright and feel more 'zipped up' straight away.

image Julie Guinard Hove

icon I felt great after the taster session, I felt energised more than drained like I would after a cardio workout. Also I had no idea my abdominal muscles had separated and even though it was a scary thought I'm glad I'm aware of it and can work on it.

image Alice Barry Lewes Road

icon I felt quite nervous before my first class as I had never done Pilates before and knew I didn't have a lot of core strength. I was also suffering from anxiety about my body but Clare made me feel very welcome in the class and the group were very supportive of one another. My back problems and the various aches and pains I get from being a mum have really improved from Pilates