Are you struggling with ongoing back pain?

Have you spent a fortune on Physios, Chiropractors etc. but it hasn’t given lasting results? Is back pain stopping you from doing the things you want to do? Are you worried at how weak your body feels? Well if that's the've come to the right place! At your complimentary 'Reduce back pain, get stronger and feel more body confident' Taster Session you will discover:

  • Safe, simple exercises to strengthen your core & gentle stretches to relieve tight, sore muscles so you can move more easily and without pain.
  • That you don't need to spend a fortune on physios and chiropractors and instead, Pilates is an enjoyable, low cost and EFFECTIVE way to reduce, manage and eliminate back pain with LONG-LASTING RESULTS.
  • That you can look, move and feel more confident in your body by increasing your strength and muscle tone and getting rid of your back pain


Here is what some of my clients are saying about how attending our classes has helped them reduce their back pain, get stronger and feel more confident in how they look, move and feel...

image Adam Pragnell Seven Dials

icon I had been suffering from back pain on and off for several years, and my body was beginning to feel stiff and old beyond my years. Before my first class I was worried about not being able to do something, everyone else being super fit and making a fool of myself. Clare tailors every move/exercise so everyone in the class can do a variety of it- no one is left out or ends up feeling incompetent. There was nothing to worry about and afterwards I felt well stretched and positive.

image John McRae Smith Preston Park

icon I had a lower back problem, from a snowboarding injury and my wife actually signed me up for the free taster session! At the session I learned that although fit from running I was not very flexible, and my core / back is weakened by having a desk job. I now have less pain in my lower back, and a series of exercises and stretches that enable me to eliminate the ache if it come back.

image Sharon Stewart Hove

icon I worried about not being good enough and/or making a fool of myself but I was hooked after my first session. Clare encouraged me to progress at my pace and to try things without judgement and I found that so motivating. I have noticeably improved my flexibility, had fewer injuries, and feel aware of my body in a different way.