Would you jog in a group if you knew there was no risk of being the one at the back holding everyone else up?

Learn how to fall in love with running

  • No-one gets left behind, your fitness level doesn’t matter and chatting and getting to know others is just as important as the running
  • We'll teach how to breath properly and pace yourself so you don't get out of breath so quickly
  • Ideal whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced runner.

Here is what others are saying

image Caroline Hertfordshire

icon They have a system where we looped so no-one was left behind and we all finished at the same time. Some run, others walked the whole thing or did intervals. You can be any level. The motivation from the other ladies is amazing and so many of us said we would never have usually done that well if it wasn't for us geeing each other on. You should definitely try it