Do you keep meaning to start running, but never got round to it?

Learn how to fall in love with running

  • Maybe tried a few times but doing it alone is hard and not found the right group to run with?
  • Want to jog in a group but worried you will be the one at the back holding everyone else up?
  • Our group is perfect for anyone that wants to run whether you have never run before right through to a seasoned runner.

We have lots of sessions throughout the week and weekend. So just click the button & enter your details. It's that simple!

Here is what others are saying

image Caroline Hertfordshire

icon They have a system where we looped so no-one was left behind and we all finished at the same time. Some run, others walked the whole thing or did intervals. You can be any level. The motivation from the other ladies is amazing and so many of us said we would never have usually done that well if it wasn't for us geeing each other on. You should definitely try it

Fidelma Hertfordshire

icon Decided to bite the bullet and attend a running session. I was honestly petrified especially knowing I couldn’t run at all. The ladies are so welcoming and it instantly puts you at ease. There is no pressure and progress is at my own pace. The ladies are great whether ur running or walking the support is massive and I can actually say for the first time in my life I found an exercise I love and actually enjoy attending. If you’re worried about being the unfit one honestly don’t be. Come along and give it a try, it’s a fab group with lovely ladies and we laugh so Much on our runs it’s not too dissimilar to a girly catch up.