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Here is what some of my amazing clients are saying...

image Sarah Webdesigner Guilldford

icon I got more and more anxious and felt panicky a lot of the time. The smallest situation made me feel overwhelmed and kept on analysing and analysing. My brain never stopped. I used to have an anxiety attack every week and this left me feeling tired, drained and emotional most of the time. I was anxious about booking my session as I’ve always been someone that has struggled to open up but it felt very safe with Mariette and really easy to talk to her. She got me instantly and it is such a relief to feel understood. And the result? I haven’t had one panic attack in over a year.

image Trish HR Director London

icon I came to see Mariette because my low self-confidence was affecting my career prospects. Her approach of helping me discover the triggers for my low confidence and my feelings of anxiety were an amazing step. Even better, she helped me to confront and overcome them. Being able to identify the triggers has given me the intellectual and emotional ability to take control and deal with the situations before they get out of hand. I feel in control of myself and my life. Wonderful.