Love Skiing & Want to Improve Your Performance?

Are you keen to find out what your physical limitations are AND what you can do to overcome them to improve your performance in the mountains? Or perhaps you want to push your skiing further so you can conquer more challenging and exhilarating slopes?

  • This 60min assessment takes place in our studio in London and will uncover what is getting in your way of really improving your performance
  • You’ll be able to see from the results of the assessment, what your current limitations actually are – even top performers have them, the key is to find out what they are
  • You’ll be given clear expert guidance on what you need to do to improve your ski performance


Here is what others are saying

image Alberto P, BASI Level 3 Ski Instructor Notting Hill

icon “I was preparing for a ski race training camp and I wanted to maximise my performance and minimise my risk of injury. Through an in-depth assessment, Mark identified where I had specific functional weaknesses and imbalances. We have worked on these areas and I now notice a real difference. I'm now stronger and more robust on my skis and I have much more confidence in my body. I was able to commit more effectively to “attacking” the course, both physically and psychologically, and my race times improved. My body works better and I now ski at a higher level than prior to working with Mark.”