Are you going through life on autopilot?

Are you rushing from one thing to another? Do you dwell on the past or worry about the future? Imagine if you could learn how to be calm in the midst of your busy life? What would that do for your quality of life?

  • You are welcome to book a free 30 minute phone consultation with Dr Hagen Rampes.
  • You will find out "How to find Peace and be Calm with Mindfulness". You will be given a FREE resource to take away
  • Dr Hagen Rampes, Founder of "Mindfulness Healing" is a Psychiatrist who is an experienced mindfulness teacher recognised by the UK Network for Mindfulness Based Teachers. Dr Rampes teaches the 8 week Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy course 1:2:1 and in groups.


Here are what some of my clients are saying about their experience...

image Nitzan Marinov

icon I found it extremely useful in centring myself, calming my mind and focusing on my relationship with myself and my thoughts. Hagen's facilitation and guidance is thoughtful, kind and very inclusive.

image Rita Atwal

icon I found the session a great introduction to the mindfulness concept and to Hagen himself. The guidance from Hagen in his calming manner & voice helped me to practise focusing my mind in order to find peace within myself. I believe in this day and age, this is an essential skill that I need to learn.

image Lynn Rossetti

icon A very enjoyable introductory session. Hagen's experience and practice of mindfulness is evident. The session was well presented and organised. The concepts of mindfulness presented in an interactive and supportive manner. Hagen is clearly a very dedicated teacher. Although only an introduction, the technique's provided did help me to focus my mind.