Fed up with Niggling Aches and Pains? Frustrated by an Injury? Struggling with Stress? Tired of Being Tired?

Any of these sound familiar? Modern life can be super busy and fraught with any - or even all! - of the above! If this sounds like you, you're not alone! Come along to a COMPLIMENTARY ‘30-min Consultation and Mini-Treatment’ SOFT TISSUE THERAPY and MASSAGE Taster Session to see how we can help you. At this session (which is completely 'on us' and totally obligation-free) you can discover....

  • How GREAT your body - and mind! - can feel, and what a RELIEF it is to feel tension drain away, when you receive SOFT TISSUE and MASSAGE WORK from a fully trained Clinical, Sport and Remedial Massage/Soft Tissue Therapist.
  • What you need to do to EASE everyday tension, stress or stiffness, niggling aches and pains, or RECOVER from injury - even if it's been going on for ages - so you can MOVE MORE EASILY, feel more RELAXED and ENJOY LIFE MORE.
  • How a PERSONAL assessment, musculoskeletal analysis and treatment plan - specific to YOUR BODY and situation - can quickly help you FEEL BETTER, get MORE ACTIVE and get you BACK to enjoying the things you LOVE to do as soon as possible.


Here is what some of our clients are saying......

Chris Laver Graphic Designer

icon I attended Micky's Soft Tissue Therapy sessions to regain movement for a damaged shoulder. I was unable to use my arm without experiencing pain and lacked full rotational movement. Through a series of gradual exercises and deep tissue massage at Micky’s sessions I regained full movement and the associated muscle pain disappeared.

Caroline Grundy Director of Public Health, Torbay, Devon

icon I highly recommend Suzi: her practice is effective because of her clear technical knowledge; because she allows for individualisation of her therapy by really listening to what her client wants and adapting accordingly; and because her personal style results in a very pleasant session.

Kerry Nurse, Totnes, Devon

icon I had been suffering with acute pain shooting down my left leg for nearly a year before I had Soft Tissue Therapy work with Micky. I had tried a variety of traditional treatments for the nerve inflammation that I felt was related to the arthritis I’d had diagnosed in my hip. None of these had helped to any great effect. I had 3 treatments with Micky and felt better after each one but after the 3rd the shooting pain I had been experiencing went and has not returned for 6 weeks. This pain was causing me to dread even the shortest walk (something I love doing) and had contributed to a recent depression. I am so pleased with the outcome and I can now exercise again without worry. Thankyou Micky.