Do you want to Move More Easily, Get More Active & Enjoy Life More?

Starting to find your favourite activities or even some basic movements aren't as easy as they used to be? Frustrated that you can no longer do some of the things you used to be able to do? Maybe you can't balance as well as you used to? Or stairs are starting to be a struggle at times? You're not alone. At your COMPLIMENTARY ‘SLOWFLOW’: Gentle Movements to Help You Move More Easily & Get More Active Taster Class you will....

  • Find a supportive, small & friendly class environment and be encouraged to enjoy gentle movement to suit YOUR own personal levels of ability, with individual support to help you work towards your own specific goals.
  • Meet others who have felt similar frustrations to you and now benefit from easier movement, increased confidence in their bodies and are enjoying life more as they improve their strength, mobility and activity levels.
  • Discover WHAT to do to enjoy becoming stronger, more flexible and more active again by benefitting from expert, safe and clinically informed guidance on HOW to do it.


Here is what some of our 'SLOWFLOW' participants are saying about how they are now moving more easily and enjoying life more....

Rita Trotman Author & Retired Nurse

icon Since I've been coming to classes with Suzi & Micky I can get up off the ground without having to lean on a chair or find something to help me get up. That's a wonderfully freeing feeling.

Fiona Faith Ross Writer

icon I was worried about losing my balance and was becoming scared of steps. The (SLOWFLOW) classes have really helped me with this.

Sarah Chapman Celebrant

icon When I came along I was just so pleased that Micky and Suzi were so welcoming. I'd always thought to myself that I couldn't balance, and it was easy to fall over; it was something my Mum always suffered with. But I find after a few classes that I am now a really good balancer!