Self-Conscious of not being able to keep up?Worried will struggle like shouldn’t be there? Fed up with feeling too tired half way through some thing? Want to have a flatter tummy without having to wear 'good underwear'?

Are you on an ongoing weight loss journey and struggling to shift that last bit of weight to feel comfortable in your body? Lost some weight cleaning up what your eating and walking more but realised it's now time to be more active? You're not alone. At your FREE Get Fit, Get More Active and Shift that last bit of Wieght to feel absolutely amazing, happier, healthier and more confident in your Xmas Dress this year class pass you will discover...

  • A kick start in our Fun & Friendly classes that are full of similar people so you can enjoy your class without feeling self-conscious
  • Discover a supportive, like - minded, motivating community you will feel welcome in
  • See how easy it is to shift that last bit of weight for xmas, keep it off and enjoy class to exercise and stick to it


Here is what some of my clients are saying about their weight and fitness levels...

image Ashleigh London

icon I used to be more active, but then I went through a patch of not being very motivated and needed something to get me excited about working out again. Really convenient and easy. Feeling more motivated and discovered some great new classes.

image Frida London

icon I had increased in weight considerably from size 16 to 20. A lot of the classes where unfamiliar to me and I wasn’t sure I will enjoy them nor benefit from them. I was extremely worried about fitting in. It has been fantastic and very easy to use. I have become much more confident in my goals to loose weight

image Kaatje London

icon Did no exercise at all. Wondered if I would go/if I would end up wasting money. Very easy, amazing level of service and support. Definitely feels like a smaller studio where people care than a large studio where you’re just a number. I’ve found classes I actually really enjoy and look forward to going to!