Want to get back into your favourite Summer clothes?

Fed up of feeling sluggish and want a fresh start? Want plenty of support and motivation to help you keep on track? You're not alone. Click the orange button below to book your FREE Taster Class. At your FREE ‘Get Back into My Favourite Summer Clothes' Taster Session you will discover...

  • Learn how to easily kick start your healthy lifestyle this Summer with sensible healthy eating that will help you to shift the pounds and fit into your favourite Summer clothes
  • Feel motivated and discover how to make small changes that make a BIG difference to how you look, feel and move.
  • Realise that exercise can be enjoyable and fun with other people who feel the same way in a place where all levels are welcome and everyone is encouraged to work at their own pace, with no judgement, and no pressure to get the steps right.


Here is what some of my class members are saying about their weight loss and confidence...

image Sally-Anne Bushell Cali class

icon I am hugely grateful to Kirsty for her advice and support throughout my weight loss and fitness journey. Her good sense of humour, encouragement and enthusiasm is infectious. She has helped me achieve goals and has been an invaluable source of knowledge. I have been inspired to lose weight and learnt so much about nutrition and health and have gained body confidence.

image Carol Stocker Winnersh class

icon Wow! Have I really reached my goal?! 'I have been one of those yoyo dieters for years, do well for a few weeks then put the weight back on plus a little more! Once I started I found that I was losing 1, 2 or even 3 pounds most weeks! Most importantly I started walking until I found it quite addictive - that, together with the classes, has helped me to tone and change my body shape too. I also find I am sleeping better. I can't emphasise enough the support, expertise and encouragement I have received from Kirsty and that has been the key. Kirsty is an amazingly positive person and it's all down to her and SlimFit. Thanks Kirsty so much, you really have changed my life.'

image Kim Eley Holt School class

icon 'The best thing about achieving my goal is being able to fit into and feel more comfortable in my clothes. I feel less sluggish, more energised, no longer bloated and no longer experience heartburn and indigestion. I now drink more water and have far fewer cravings.