Feeling fed up with your running?

Are you struggling with your running? Do you feel embarrassed that you can't run further or faster? Are you worried that sometimes you still need to walk? Or are you training for an event and think that you just won't be able to do it? You're not alone! Many female runners like you lack confidence in their running - it's quite normal! Working with a female running coach who has been there herself and understands how you feel can really help. Book yourself a complimentary one-to-one taster session with me and I can show you:

  • How making small changes to how you run can make you feel so much better when you run
  • How making those small changes to how you run can help you run further and faster
  • How having support and advice that is tailored for YOU can transform your running and help you to meet your running goals

Limited 1:1 taster sessions available!

Some of my previous clients just like you have said...

image Debbie Experienced runner

icon "Thank you for helping me get my confidence back!"

image Ellie Training for first marathon

icon "I came away with much more faith in my running ability than I ever thought possible!"

image Della New runner

icon "I'm now feeling much more positive about my first half-marathon next year."