Not found time and space for you today?

Are you fed up trying lots of different ways to get stronger and more flexible, yet none seem to work for you? Want to feel more relaxed, more often? You're not alone. At your FREE ‘Get Stronger & More Flexible’ Hatha yoga session you will...

  • Discover how to feel more energised for work and home
  • Learn poses which tone up and stretch your body
  • Relax into your body, find a sense of calm, learn new breathing techniques and get a good night's sleep


Here is what some of my clients are saying about taking time and space for themselves...

image So Ching London

icon It gets me away from the computer and phone! Sometimes l arrive less motivated but after the class I always feel energised. I don't consume a lot of energy, not like running, and I feel satisfied after each session. And my poses improve a lot. I feel proud and happy.