Guaranteed results THIS WAY!

☝️Worried about never being that ideal weight? ☝️Sick of hating how the person in the mirror looks? ☝️Confused and fed up of trying various 'fads' & just wish someone would finally show guaranteed weight loss with a simple step by step guide

  • A on the house simple changes booklet to take away and implement that will ensure the start to losing lbs faster and easier than before.
  • Discover what exercises are simple and enjoyable....yes I said those two words together to ensure those dream clothes can be worn again
  • A guaranteed system that finally works!


Here is what some of my clients are saying about their journey..

image Elise Sheffield

icon “I followed the programme and am really pleased with the results, the group support throughout has been great, I now feel stronger, fitter and happier!! There were times when it didn’t always go to plan but that’s life and the programme allows for this!! I’ve lost just under a stone, 8cm’s off my waist, my body fat has reduced greatly, I’ve increased my muscle mass, bone mass and now have a BMI of 21!!!! I have every intention of carrying on with the changes I’ve made!!”

image Kim Sheffield

icon I wanted to loose weight ,tone up and be fitter. I felt that if I didn’t do something I was just going to get bigger and my self esteem was low. I lost a stone just by exercising with 1step fitness. The last bit of weight I wanted to shift was done via the 90 day program. I lost a further half a stone following this plan and as someone who has failed in the past I would recommend this to everyone.

image Bev Sheffield

icon “Thank you for allowing me to do the programme. Its been amazing! I'm not good at sticking to rules, especially ones which involve food, but it was way easier in the first few weeks than I imagined it would be. It really helps having the support of all the other members, who have been there at classes and on Facebook, ready with words of wisdom or a sharp slap, when necessary! My aim was to lose weight and tone some stubborn wobbles, and I've lost half a stone and dropped a dress size. I feel amazing in my size smaller clothes, Its been life changing for me, so I can't thank you enough. Thanks Lee and everyone.