Do you want a more enjoyable social life? To get gentle exercise? Build confidence?

Then this is for you! At your FREE ‘Get Connected’ Kizomba Session you will discover...

  • Connect with an amazing group pf people that are in the same position and mindset as you! Our friendly students are happy to welcome all new comers to the group and help them along their Kizomba journey.
  • Discover a gentle form of exercise to music. No harsh movements to aggravate knees or shoulders in a walking pace style of dance that is suitable for all adults 18-80+
  • A simple structured set of lessons to get you on the dance floor in no time. Our experience instructors will show you set by step how enjoy Kizomba by breaking it down into simple easy to understand moves and routines


Here is what some of our students are saying about their experience learning with us...

image Norma Derby

icon I loved the music and just needed to learn how to dance Kizomba! I tried lessons elsewhere but they weren’t suitable so I wasn’t happy with them because they didn’t make me feel comfortable. I didn’t have any reservations about booking on to the ‘Get Connected’ workshop, I just wanted to know I could progress at a steady rate. The class was excellent I learnt a lot and felt I really improved my body movement. The best thing is how enjoyable it was!

image Joey Nottingham

icon I signed up for the Get connected workshop because I had struggled to learn Kizomba in other classes. I found Fran’s teaching and explanation clear and concise with strong focus on technique and making long term good dancers. It was incredibly enjoyable!

image Lydia Leicester

icon I had been to 1 or 2 Kizomba classes but I was very inexperienced. My reservations before starting were that my knowledge of Kizomba was limited and I didn’t know how quickly I could pick it up. The classes have been well structured with effective instruction to improve quickly and develop confidence in dancing. The best thing is definitely the improved confidence and meeting new people!