Our new Core & Cardio classes are a fun and fast way to burn calories for hours after the workout, help with weight loss, build total-body strength and improve flexibility while being safe on joints.

This is a perfect solution for anyone trying to lose weight and tone up but is struggling to stick to exercise classes because after a time the exercises cause pain in their knees, back or other joints, or because they get bored with the same routine. Our Core & Cardio With Sarah is a great workout that improves stamina by getting the blood pumping, heart working, building strength while combining toning exercises, core strength (so great for helping with back problems) and really improving flexibility. And all this is achieved without constantly jumping around. It's a blended pilates, yoga and HIIT session that's much safer on joints than other HIIT workouts and stretches out those tight muscles. If you love the sound of this then give this great NEW class a try ON ME! Claim your complimentary ‘Core & Cardio -Get Fitter, Toned and Lose Inches Without Impacting Joints’ Session and we will give...

  • Great results from a workout that achieves in one 45-minute session, the results of two hours of working out and doing yoga.
  • A workout that's fun and safe while being really challenging. It includes exercises for cardio, strength, fat- and calorie-burn, toning, detoxifying and stretching with a blend of NEW HIIT moves (with safer joint alignment) and transformative yoga and pilates to strengthen your whole body and core!
  • Work every single muscle - the big 'fast-twitch' muscles that most workouts target, but also the deeper, smaller 'slow-twitch' muscles that are your stabilisers - core, back and postural muscles to become truly strong from the inside out.


Here is what some of my clients are saying about their weight, body and fitness levels...

image Sarah Harrison Hexham, Northumberland

icon The classes are amazing Sarah is such a good teacher I’ve been transformed!

image Yvonne Heminsley Hexham, Northumberland

icon Just booked my next block! Sarah is such a great teacher & makes the class so interesting & enjoyable. I am hooked!

image Victoria Houghton-le-Spring

icon Good session. I sat up as I got out of bed this morning and my abs are tight as hell haha.