Our new class is a core, back and full-body strength exercise class that is slower paced and doesn't impact joints. It's perfect for problems such as back pain, arthritis, bone density issues, fibromyalgia and hypermobility.

This class is for anyone who has problems being able to move properly, who is fed up with feeling like their health and happiness is affected by not being able to do the things they want and who struggle to play with their grandchildren without having an aching body for days afterwards. Join my complimentary ‘Move Better and Get Rid of Aches & Stiffness' taster session to discover...

  • How gentle but effective exercises that are even safe for back pain, arthritis, osteoporosis and people with joint replacements, can reduce aches, soreness and stiffness in back, knees, hips and neck easily and without drugs.
  • A plan designed by a qualified and experienced teacher aimed at improving back mobility, strength and flexibility that will have you feeling better and moving more freely after the first session and that can improve strength and mobility and reduce pain for life.
  • A (surprisingly short) checklist of things to get rid of those aches, increase movement and improve overall health and confidence, saving wasted time and money on things that don't work.


Here is what some of our clients are saying about their Move Better and Get Rid of Aches & Stiffness sessions...

image Andrew Sunderland

icon Sarah’s classes were recommended to me by my osteopath. At the time my back was damaged and weak, my left leg couldn’t hold my weight as its strength had all but gone, and I hadn’t done any serious exercise in years and I was certainly in my worst shape in years. Thanks to Sarah, that’s all changed. Sarah is a brilliant teacher. She’s engaging. Her classes are fun. Her knowledge of the human body and how it works is excellent. She’s used a range of impact-free exercises to focus on building my strength and range of movement back up in a safe way. I’m now much stronger, fitter, healthier and happier thanks to Sarah and her classes.

image Carol Houghton-Le-Spring

icon I cannot believe the difference between my old Pilates class and Sarah's classes! I think I've improved more in 6 months than in the previous 3 and a half years! I have far more flexibility and better posture. I am healthier and have more confidence! Sarah knows her job and keeps an eye on everyone's technique and we do different things all the time, so it never gets boring.

image Anne Ratcliffe Houghton-le-Spring

icon I keep coming to Sarah's classes because I can see a difference in my flexibility. I have had hip-replacement surgery and the benefits I feel and see from the classes have motivated me to be healthier going into old age. My goal now is to make sure that my body can cope with aging so I can be independent for as long as possible and these classes are a key factor to help me do that.