Our new class provides full-body strengthening, sculpting and toning without jumping about and causing sore joints.

Our sessions target every muscle, even the small, deep stabilising muscles but without any running and jumping about. We can show you how to build total body strength, a strong core and back, tone up your entire body, and all by doing exercises that are safe on joints and will can help to get rid of postural aches? If this sounds good, then give our new class a try on us! At your complimentary taster session to Increase Total Body, Back & Core Strength we will...

  • Give challenging exercises that increase overall strength while easing postural aches and neck, shoulder, and back tension.
  • Teach you how to really work every muscle, sculpt and tone without doing hundreds of crunches!
  • Show you how small changes to everyday postural habits and movement patterns can protect from injury when doing other exercises or training, and increase movement ability and flexibility too.


Here is what some of our clients are saying about their Increase Total Body, Back & Core Strength sessions...

image Gayle Gallagher Houghton-le-Spring

icon Two sessions in from the holidays and feeling amazing. Thank you!

image Anne Ratcliffe Houghton-le-Spring

icon It's almost two years since I started the classes and I haven't looked back. If someone had told me that I would be going to an exercise class 3 times a week and absolutely loving it, I would not have believed them!!

image Jules Sharples Houghton-le-Spring

icon Not only has Sarah helped me fix my pelvic floor (I no longer fear coughs and sneezes), I feel like my posture is better. People keep saying I've lost weight and I have a little, but I think it's mainly I hold myself better. My back hurts less, I used to get leg cramps after wearing heels, yet I've worn them a lot recently for work and nights out with no issues. This was definitely the exercise I needed.