Want to fit into smaller clothes?

Fed up of your clothes feeling too tight? Frustrated about feeling bloated and lethargic? Need some support and motivation to help you lose weight and get fitter? Just want to feel great about yourself again? You're not alone. Click the orange button below to sign up for our FREE 'Fit into Smaller Clothes and Feel Great’ Taster Class .

  • Discover how to easily kick start your healthy lifestyle with sensible healthy eating that will help you to shift the pounds and fit into smaller clothes.
  • Feel motivated and learn how to make small changes that make a BIG difference to how you look, feel and move.
  • Learn how exercise can be enjoyable and fun with other people who feel the same way. Where all levels are welcome and everyone is encouraged to work at their own pace, with no judgement, and no pressure to get the steps right. If you don't see the class of your choice then just click on 'Can't make this date?' to see more venues.

Here's what people who have been to my Taster Classes have to say:

image Kim Gilder Risinghurst Class

icon Before I attended a free Taster Class I felt generally unwell. I wobbled with a limp. The limp, I am convinced, was aggravated by me being overweight. I felt tired and sluggish. I was not happy with myself in this situation and I felt I could not get out of myself. At the Taster Class I discovered that this was the right way forward. Although I got lost with some of the movements, I didn't feel embarrassed, but was encouraged by Louise who told me that would happen, and NOBODY took any notice of my mistakes (they still don't he he). I also found that it was the initial encouragement that helped. Don't worry if you get it wrong you will quickly pick it up. The talks pre exercise were a bonus, I didn't realise we were going to get this. This gives a lot of information in a language I understand - plain English! From this I can begin to understand how the body works with food and then make educated adjustments to my eating style.

image Sally Clark Farmoor Class

icon I was fed up with being overweight and fed up with gyms that I really did not enjoy - and found boring! I saw the advert for a free Taster Class on Facebook and thought that it looks fun and that there was nothing to lose by giving it a go as it was free and local to where I live. The people are friendly and are all in the same boat. There is no judgement and everyone enjoys the classes. The trainer is inspiring and makes the classes the success they are – she’s a very bubbly person. I found that the weigh-in and body composition printout really helped me. The motivational talks are encouraging and helpful - information for thought which helped change my outlook – plus they are really interesting and the class members feel part of them – wonderful!