Ever Tried Pilates? Tried a few times but not had a chance to do it again or find a comfortable place.

Want to move more freely and relieve back ache and general aches and stiffness?

  • A gentle form of exercise to help you feel better, ache free and move better in a friendly, caring, non judgemental environment
  • Discover what are the things you need to do to ensure you can be ache free and increase movement
  • Top Tips to take away with you to ensure you are continuing the good work at home.


Here is what some of my clients are saying about relieving their aches and stiffness and moving more freely...

image Karen Wrexham

icon I suffer from a herniated disc and sclerosis in my upper spine. When I started my shoulder was noticably higher than the other and I was on strong p.a.i.n killers for the disc. I could barely walk some days. Within a few weeks my shoulder was sorted and I've been totally off p.a.i.n killers for 3 months now!! I feel stronger, more flexible and best of all more or less p.a.i.n free...enjoying my walking and able to exercise so much more. Lou is a fantastic teacher and has helped me so much :-)

image Steve Rossett

icon " I suffer from a degenerate disc and chronic knee ligament damage together with wear and tear associated with 25 years in a rugby scrum and 40 in front of a computer screen. Recently I was in acute back p.a.in for 3 months and couldn't walk more than 10 metres. I've been working with Louise for the last 4 months & Louise is very knowledgeable, tailors the exercises and ensures I'm ALWAYS correctly positioned to maximise its effectiveness and remove any risk of strain or injury. (She also has a great sense of humour so the sessions fly by). The results have been extraordinary! Within a very few sessions my back pain began to reduce and my posture improve. After the 4 months my core is much stronger, I am virtually p.a.i.n free, have better posture, much greater flexibility and overall more energy. I've almost completed the Anglesey Coastal Path, but, most important of all I can once more enjoy rough and tumble with my grandchildren!

image Jackie Marford

icon Before I started Pilates with Louise, I had very limited strength and movement due to a medical condition. Everyday simple tasks were excruciating. Whenever I have found an exercise difficult, Louise has been very patient and I can now do exercises I never thought I’d do and I feel great!