Oh hey there!

Do you find yourself over-thinking? Worrying about the future? Comparing yourself to others? Getting stressed out over work? Body feeling tight and inflexible? Are you looking for the benefits of a physical workout (and let's face it... the gym sucks), whilst also calming your mind? If that's a YES, you're in the right place, and you're not alone! From your FREE yoga class at Soul Stretch in Brixton, you can expect to...

  • Calm your mind and feel more at peace in a cosy, friendly environment where there is ZERO judgement or competition - no one cares if you can't touch your toes!
  • Breathe and move to an awesome soundtrack which will help you switch off from everyday work and life stress
  • Give your body a great physical work-out and stretch out any tight areas so that you feel stronger and more flexible - and you do not have to be 'good'! We want to meet you :)


Here's what some of Holly's students are saying...

image Cath Clapham

icon What a special space and a special time. I found myself being able to de-stress from my day and spend time in the company of a teacher who seems to really care about you!

image Claudia Camberwell

icon Best thing about this class? The switching off. The breathing. The grounding. The pause. The new found awareness of my body. Of the present. Not being afraid to listen to myself. The strength. The letting go. Oops.. Did you say one?!

image Emma Clapham

icon I really loved the whole vibe of the class! I've really struggled to find a place to come and switch off that has a bit of heart, since moving to London eighteen months ago. My intention for the class last night was to try to be positive and reconnect with myself, and well, it worked! So thank you!